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Class schedule:

Monday: Yintegrated Bodywork

6-7pm with Amelia Aglow

Tuesday: Movment Fluency

4-5pm with Macky Page

Wednesday: Yintegrated Bodywork

9:30-10:30am with Amelia Aglow

Mindful Strength

12-1pm with Macky Page

Thursday: breath + stretch

7:30-8:45am with Macky Page

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Class Descriptions:

Yintegrated Bodywork:

Yintegrated Bodywork is a yin yoga class infused with lots of hands on love, drawing from acupressure, thai massage, and reiki. It's productively cush.
This series is a fascianating mix of awareness around the myofascial meridians (connective tissue), self-release techniques using massage balls, and touch.
You can expect some a-ha moments, tension release, and an overall feeling of "amazeballs."

Movement Fluency:
Movement Fluency is a multimodality class; breathwork, mobility, strength, energy and inquiry. Our focus will be on nutritious movement, restorative exercise and natural human movement. Each class will follow a theme of Prepare, Practice and Play; beginning with postural breathwork to help you move well through your own body before moving through space, followed by active mobility so that you can have full neurological control of your ranges of motion, followed by various forms of locomotion; crawling, rolling, hopping, lunging and more so that you can move through your joints rather than at them. This certainly isn't a traditional yoga class but will leave you feeling that familiar post-yoga glow and it isn't a traditional strength class but will leave you feeling connected and strong; it's somewhere in between. This class is open to all levels and bodies. Come play and explore!

Mindful Strength:

Mindful Strength is an integrative, inquiry-based approach to strength training. This class is perfect for beginners to resistance training, someone looking to add a new facet to an established yoga practice or an experienced lifter wanting to focus on technique. Each class will be programmed with focus on archetypal movements (hip hinge, push, pull, etc.) and various multiplanar movements, utilizing resistance bands, kettlebells, your own bodyweight and more. Safety and technique will be the number 1 focus of this class, utilizing the alignment principles of joint centration and breath as the base of all movements. We’ll explore the benefits of strength training, explore intra-abdominal pressure and the often misunderstood ‘core’, pain science, upper and lower body strength (and how/why they relate.. And, how they don’t) and more. Expect elements of mobility, breathwork, developmental movement, strength movements, power movements in each class and we’ll explore first-hand how those qualities of movement work together to create a potent and effective training strategy.

breath + stretch:

Breath + stretch is chill, awareness and alignment based yoga. Drawing from her years as a yoga practitioner, Macky has created a blended yoga practice designed to ignite curiosity about your body, anatomically inform and wake up areas of kinesthetic amnesia through thoughtful sequencing, hands on adjustments, self myofascial release and more. While not a vinyasa or a restorative class, there will be elements of flow, balance-challenging postures as well as therapeutically relevant yin-type shapes included in the class. The biggest focus will be on awareness, exploration and sustainability of this practice off the mat.