Macky is simply put the best massage therapist I’ve ever had work on me from both a physical and mental perspective. With each session I learn more and more about my body, troubleshooting problems, and preventative maintenance, all of which has truly unlocked so much of my hidden athletic potential.
— Manny M.
Macky is a genius! She is the only person I trust to understand the complexity of my athletic body and has helped me LOADS with a chronic knee injury that I have struggled with for years. I couldn’t recommend Macky with 10 stars, but I’d like to!
— Chloe W.
Macky is my therapy human. I’ve never personally known anyone to be such a nerd about bodies and how to make them function optimally. Every session I have with her is refreshing and usually involves massive laughter. This chick has a following, and for good reason. She’s brilliant!
— Amelia W.
Macky is an amazing Massage Therapist! I have experienced many massages from this professional, and I can say she learns your body and with regular treatments, my body responded to her talented hands. I found my posture change, and my back more flexible. I can not say enough of the many things I received by getting regular massages from Macky. She truly in one of best I have experienced.
— Pam A.


MY work

I find this combination of manual therapy [both massage and structural bodywork] and movement therapy [yoga and self myofascial release] to be powerful at altering postural imbalances, mitigating chronic pain and augmenting less supportive movement patterns. Other reported benefits include: increased sense of body in space [proprioception], increased sense of what's happening inside the body [introception], increased range of motion, improved athletic recovery, easier breathing, improved sleep and improved response to stress.