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Macky is dedicated to working with people and their bodies, making change with awareness based therapies. She’s a manual and movement therapist utilizing her skills in structural integration, massage, yoga and other exploratory movement practices; a combination of modalities that she finds particularly effective at helping clients achieve their goals. She’s interested in getting to the root cause of dysfunction, pain and other inefficiencies by working with systems and not symptoms. Macky is a lifelong learner and passionate about staying up to date, bringing the latest research into her practice to most benefit her clients. She loves helping people move better, feel better and feel more at home and connected in/to their bodies while improving their relationship with gravity. Macky is based in Portland, Maine and wants to help you get curious about your body.

awareness makes change

The body is a solid material wrapped around the breath.

Ida Rolf


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“Macky is an amazing Massage Therapist! I have experienced many massages from this professional, and I can say she learns your body and with regular treatments, my body responded to her talented hands. I found my posture change, and my back more flexible. I can not say enough of the many things I received by getting regular massages from Macky. She truly in one of best I have experienced.”
-Pam A.
“Macky is a genius! She is the only person I trust to understand the complexity of my athletic body and has helped me LOADS with a chronic knee injury that I have struggled with for years. I couldn’t recommend Macky with 10 stars, but I’d like to!”
Chloe W.
“Macky is my therapy human. I’ve never personally known anyone to be such a nerd about bodies and how to make them function optimally. Every session I have with her is refreshing and usually involves massive laughter. This chick has a following, and for good reason. She’s brilliant!”
Amelia W.

I've been studying and practicing massage for the past 9 years. I have gotten to meet and know hundreds of therapists in that time. Macky has an strong mind for anatomy and an incredible understanding of movement. I think her strongest attribute his her sense of intuition and ability to ground and connect herself to those receiving her gift. Hands down she's top 1% of therapists out there.

Kevin Z