Structural Integration


What is structural integration?

Structural integration is posture based manual fascial therapy and movement based somatic education. It's deep, lasting, significant bodywork that works systemically (instead of symptomatically) with the body and its relationship with gravity. Structural integration (SI) is focused on our connective tissue and more specifically, our fascial system. Fascia is a biologically gluey, 3-dimensional web that permeates all structures in our body [muscles, groups of muscles, blood vessels, organs, nerves, etc] onto a cellular level. Our fascial system is an onion bag of support that creates a tensional sea for our compressional bones to float in. Our fascial web is our 'organ or form' and ideally is able to both slide and glide over the structures its supposed to and adhere and provide stability to others. SI supports the fascial system and the body via hands on manipulation and client participation in the form of small, mindful movements with the goals of freeing areas of restriction, unwinding tensional patterns, increasing bodily awareness and inviting ease and space for the tissues to land in.


The series

Historically, structural integration is done in series, but it's as unique as you are and can be customized to best suit and support your needs.

The 12 Series

Unique to Anatomy Trains Structural Integration is the 12 session series. Working systematically through the myofascial meridians in the body, as mapped by Tom Myers, the 12 Series provides an in depth opportunity to unwind tissue restriction, cultivate increased kinesthetic intelligence and spatial awareness and create the space for new, more supportive movement patterns in your day to day life.

Sessions 1-4 : "The Sleeve" : The first four sessions are dedicated to to the more superficial tissues of the structure and differentiating them from the deeper layers below.

Sessions 5-8 : "The Core" : The middle four sessions are spent addressing and opening the anatomically deeper tissues; differentiating and creating so that these tissues can provide support for the newly integrated structure.

Sessions 9-12 : "The Integration" : These last four sessions are focused on the integration and communication of both the sleeve and core tissues. These sessions are fine tuned to you and your daily movement and the ability of your whole structure to rest, shape, move and be as efficiently as it can in our gravitational field.

The 3 Series

The three series is a tonic for your posture, but no panacea. It's a great introductory series and can be an excellent 'advanced' series for those graduated from the 12.

Session 1 : "Lower Girdle" : Feet, legs and pelvis from below

Session 2: "Upper Girdle" : Opening the breath; pelvis from above, abdomen, ribs and balancing the shoulder girdle.

Session 3: "Integration" : Connecting the two girdles to and through the spine




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